What does a spay or neuter cost?

Spay and Neuter doesn’t have to hit your pocketbooks

Surfside Animal hospital is here for you and your animal. That is why we offer a low cost Spay and Neuter. Surfside Animal hospitals have package deals. We offer Spay and Neuter not just for the health of the pet but also to save the other animals from going to the shelter. Some animals end up at the shelter because other clinics charge so high for Spay and Neuter and it hurts the people’s pocketbooks. And when animals don’t get spayed and neutered, the cycle goes on of your pets going out and getting all these unwanted litters that end up in the shelter.

We have options for you, we have package deals. Our packages come with full examination, pain medication, IV catheter fluids, technician monitoring. Surfside Animal Hospital is for you, Surfside Animal Hospital is for you and your pets, Surfside Animal Hospital is here for the community. Surfside Animal Hospital does this because we have seen and ins and outs of an animal shelter, all the unwanted litters and the old pets because people cannot afford to take care of their pets.

Price of Spay and Neuter depends on the weight of the pets, other options are available like vaccines, heartworm test, blood work. Nail trim at no charge when they are under anesthetics, female gets a tattoo and the orange x would allow the pet police to know that she has been spayed. Surfside Animal Hospital has a lot more to offer. It is not just about selling the package; Surfside Animal Hospital is here to help you take care of your pet.

Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/xgqD9AineJ0