What is a spay neuter?

Some people think that spay and neuter is a long process but it is not. It is an in and out process. You can drop off your pet in the morning and the pet can go home in the afternoon. They a get a full examination before the surgery by the doctor and they also get some pain medication. The Spay and Neuter is also monitored by a tech the whole time they are doing the process. The process is an in and out, it is going to be nerve racking but the Surfside Animal Hospital assures you that they will be taken care of. The Spay and Neuter procedure is an in and out process kind of like going to the dry cleaners, but better.

When your pets get home from a Spay and Neuter procedure, it is advisable to give a nice and comfy blanket in front of the TV. The Spay and Neuter process will lead to a fast and speedy recovery and your pets will get pain medication and a full detail release from the experienced technician going over all the important things to look out for. When to eat… What to look for… and Emergency numbers just in case. Surfside Animal Hospital will be here and hold your hand through the process.

Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/cDEteXl2oRA