Pet Ownership and Emergency Preparedness

Pet emergency preparedness.

It isn’t pleasant to think about natural or man-made disasters, but the threat of earthquakes, fires, floods, and landslides is ever-present in our beautiful coastal community. Creating a family disaster plan that includes your animal companions can help safeguard your family and your pets against further trauma if, or when, disaster strikes. 

Follow these tips from Surfside Animal Hospital to help your pet-friendly household prepare for emergencies. 


In a Pet Emergency, Surfside Animal Hospital is Always Here For You

Veterinarians examine a dog during a pet emergency in Oceanside.

Pet ownership, like other close relationships, has its share of ups and downs. The highest moments might include their unbridled joy when we return home from work, or their close companionship during movie night. Alternatively, a low moment may involve a sudden injury or illness that threatens their well-being. As most pet owners can attest, it’s not “if” a pet will face a life-threatening experience, it’s “when.” Preventing a pet emergency is critical, but it’s equally important to know the signs and seek help immediately.