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Gentle, Non-Anesthetic Dentistry for Cats and Dogs

Most adult cats and dogs (over the age of 3) have some form of dental disease, which can significantly impact your pet’s overall health if left untreated. The good news is this condition is entirely preventable, but early intervention is key!

Dog showing off his gleaming teeth

Surfside Animal Hospital offers non-anesthetic dental cleanings through Veterinary Dental Service, an experienced provider of quality, non-anesthetic dental healthcare for pets. These services are provided one day each month at our practice, and all cleanings are performed under the supervision of a Surfside Animal Hospital veterinarian. Any concerns or abnormalities are documented, and your pet’s doctor will discuss any findings with you.

This unique approach is safe for animals — especially those with conditions that preclude the use of anesthesia — and costs significantly less than dental cleanings under general anesthesia.

Non-anesthetic services include:

  • A gentle cleaning above and below the gum line
  • Scaling to remove plaque
  • Tooth polishing
  • Topical fluoride treatment

Who Qualifies?

Not all animals qualify for anesthesia-free dentistry. Pets with advanced dental disease, loose or broken teeth, or extreme gingivitis are not candidates. Also, pets must have a current physical exam on file and be up-to-date on required vaccines. Your Surfside Animal Hospital veterinarian can examine your cat or dog and let you know whether non-anesthetic dental services are appropriate for your pet.

Complete Dental Care

Surfside Animal Hospital offers comprehensive dental care under general anesthesia for those pets who don’t qualify for non-anesthetic services and for those pets who occasionally require more intervention. In addition to thorough cleanings, Surfside Animal Hospital provides digital dental x-rays, tooth extractions and other minor dental surgeries.

Your pet’s oral health matters! Please contact us today to schedule your pet’s next dental visit.